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  • Dial pad is missing in Teams. 3/24/2021; 2 minutes to read; h; D; s; T; Applies to: Microsoft Teams; In this article Symptoms. Microsoft Teams user can't make outbound calls because the dial pad in the Calls screen in Teams is missing.


Microsoft Teams user can't make outbound calls because the dial pad in the Calls screen in Teams is missing.



Here are the four possible causes of this issue:

  • The user hasn't assigned a Teams license.
  • The user hasn't assigned a Calling Plan.
  • The user hasn't enabled Enterprise Voice.
  • The OnlineVoiceRoutingPolicy value isn't set correctly for the user.


  • Make sure the user has been assigned a Teams license.

  • Make sure the user has been assigned a Calling Plan.

  • Enable the user for Enterprise Voice.

  • Teams administrators should remove the user's OnlineVoiceRoutingPolicy value and set the correct value for the policy as shown in this example:

    These actions force an update of the policy in the back-end environment of Teams. After this change is made, the user should see the dial pad appear under Calls within four hours.

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I use a very cheap external numeric keypad on my MacBook Pro under Leopard, and it works fine. The first time I connected it to my MBP, tthe OS asked me what sort of keyboard it was, I answered ISO keyboard, and that's all.
I didn't notice any problem since. OK, I don't use iCal.

Number Pad Not Working

The problem i have (haven't tried it in a while with a {C belkion pad) is that i want both the arrow mode and the keypad mode to work.
There's a freeware called Eukeke http://scripts.sil.org/ukelele that
can edit the keyboard file; it's tough though and i could never get
the belkin to play right.
Does anyone have recommendations for Tiger and Leopard for
'mac friendly' external numeric keypads?

Bam! You nailed it for me. I had an old Toshiba external and that did it. Before the tip, OSX thought it was a full keyboard. Thanks!

I have a macbook with OS X, and holding down the num lock key while I connected the usb cable worked like a charm. It still said that the keyboad would need to be identified before it could be used properly, but I just closed that screen, went to excel, and the number pad worked fine. Thanks for the tip!!

i bought a targus numeric keypad which is just for pc's but the second trick where i held the number lock down for over four seconds while it was plugged into my macbook made it work in programs that it was not working in before i tried. thanks for the tip.

My problem was that I had Mouse Keys turned on in the Universal Access system preferences panel. Once I turned that off, I got numbers again.

I had to sign up to post and say 'thank you' for this tip! I have a new 15' MacBook Pro and was having a problem trying to get my cheapo external number pad to work. The second trick -- holding down the Num Lock key for 4 seconds -- worked the second time I tried it. Also, I had to close the applications I was trying to use the number pad in and re-open them after holding down the Num Lock key before it would work. Thank you!!

External Number Pad For Hp Laptop

Thank you so much! I do subtitling and CC's with Swift software installed on parallels. Swift Create uses numeric keyboard and I have been lugging around a huge keyboard because the numeric one wasn't working. I held down the num lock before plugging it in and now it works! Thank you!

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